Website common problems

User Manual

1. What's the function of this site?

GagaHi is one of the world’s largest multilingual social platforms , on which people from different regions,with different culture backgrounds and different languages can have a better understanding of each other through internet . On GagaHi you can register for free, upload photos, find friends, mood and comments, send messages and gifts, as well as vote for others. Of course, you can also upgrade to Senior membership or VIP membership to enjoy more functions.

2. How to join and register?

You can first visit (, then choose Language- Sign Up.

3. The price of joining us?

Registration and basic functions of gernal members is free. Price for senior member is 20 Gold/month, and VIP member is 199 Gold/month. For more details, please see:VIP service –Upgrade.

4.Failed to register?

Please register correctly:

- Make sure your Email address is real and available.

- Your password should be more than 6 characters and contain letters or numbers only.

- Input your birthday.

-Input correct verification code.

- Select your gender&language.

5.Lost Password?

You can retrieve your password in the login page: Login - Forgot Password? - Just fill in your registered Email - Continue - retrieve your password.

6. Why should we fill in personal information and upload photos?

Personal information help to know each other and personal photos leave people a specific impression on the net. Absolutely, you have the right to decide whether to do. The experience tell us improving personal information attract others pay more attention to you, and your photos may increase your attention rate 10 times as many as before!

7.What is Gold on GagaHi?

We offer Gold as a virtual currency for members in order to provide better services. You can buy the Gold in the website and get the appropriate services with it. There is no time limitation, refunded and monetary values of the Gold. It is forbidden to be transfer in private.

8.How to pay or recharge?

We now only offer PayPal for secure payment. Operation is as follows: Login – Recharge. If you have not got a PayPal account, you can choose PayPal-credit card for payment. All methods of payment are absolutely safe. We have no automatic memory and repeat charges procedures. If you have any further questions, please do not hesitate to contact us.

9.How to send message for free? How to translate message if I need?

If you want to send free messages without translation, you can choose "No translation". The number of free messages you can send every day depends on your member level. A male ordinary member can send 6 free messages every day. If you want to send more free messages, please upgrade to Senior Member or VIP. We can offer the human message translation service.

10. How to Upgrade? Why upgrade to Senior Member or VIP?

You can login - Recharge - Upgrade – Select Upgrade item - Submit. Senior member and VIP belong to monthly subscription can enjoy more features. More details please see: Recharge – Upgrade.

11.Are there real gifts in this site? How to send real gifts?

Yes. You can select true gifts in Mall in your account. In the "Remark" you can fill in delivery requirements, such as the date of arrival, other addresses, messages and so on. Please book the gift one week in advance. If the recipients do not provide addresses and telephone numbers, we need some time to contact the recipient. You should note the time difference when giving a gift. In case of the country's legal holidays, orders may be delayed. International Gift sending time is generally 9:00 AM local time to 5:00 PM. We could only make clear the delivery date, but cannot guarantee morning or afternoon, mainly in urban areas.

12. How to remove account?

You have the right to remove your account. Please contact us by letters or with your registered Email. Then we will cancel your account and all the registration information. When your online level is high enough - Level 16, you can hide or your account without having to contact the administrator.

13.Report illegal members?

We strictly control the illegal and false members. If you find one, especially those who ask you pay to individuals, please contact us and let us know the user name and complaints. We will investigate and take measures as soon as possible. Any further questions, please do not hesitate to contact us.
Thank you!

I. Overview

1.1 What is Gagahi?

GagaHi is one of the world's largest cross-language dating platforms, dedicated to enabling people from different regions, languages and cultures to better understand each other through the Internet. We provide services for people with different habits and hobbies, and strive to improve.

1.2 Why do we choose Gagahi?

GagaHi advocates truth, beauty, friendship, and difference. Compared to other social networking sites, GagaHi has its own unique feature, namely human translation. The world's most popular eight languages (English, Japanese, Russian, German, Korean, Spanish, Chinese Simplified, Chinese Traditional) help you eliminate language barriers and make friends all over the world.

1.3 What can we do on Gagahi?

At GagaHi, users can register for free, find friends, post logs, moods and comments, send direct messages and gifts to friends, vote, etc. Log in every day to have a higher level of activity, and we will enjoy more features when the level is higher. Of course, we can upgrade to an senior or VIP member, and thus we can use more features.

II. Log in, Register

2.1 Register with Email

Go to the GaGaHi website, click on “Register”, fill in the email, nickname, password, etc. according to the process and click on “Next”. Select gender (the gender cannot be changed once selected) and select the language. After the registration is completed, the mailbox will receive a confirmation email. Open the email and click to confirm immediately. It will automatically jump to the GaGaHi website. At this time, we have logged in to the GaGaHi homepage.

2.2 Third party registration

Go to the home page, click on “Register”, and the three third-party login icons of Facebook, QQ and Weibo can be seen below. Click the corresponding registration method and complete the registration according to the process.

2.3 Guest log in

Go to the home page, click on “Register/Log in”, and the button of “Guest log in” can be seen below. Click to see first, you can enter the home page without registering, but you can only see, can not have any operations. Click anywhere and you will be returned to the registration page, prompting you to register first.

2.4 Log in

Go to the home page, click Log in, enter the email address / GaGa account number, password and click Log in to enter the GaGaHi home page. The APP user can click the mobile phone icon in the upper right corner to switch to the mobile phone user log in. Here you can also log in with the third party and log in as a guest.

After the login is successful, the user will be prompted to improve the information, click to go to the personal profile to fill in the detailed personal information, the more you have completed the information, the more people will follow you, or you can click on “Do it next time”.

2.5 Forget password

Go to the home page, click Log in, click Forgot Password Connection, go to the Forgot Password page, enter the email and click the Submit button. The mailbox will receive an email about forgotten password. Click on the link in the email to go to the Reset Password page. Follow the prompts to modify the new password and click Submit.

III. Encounter

3.1 Encounter page

Enter the GaGaHi encounter page and recommended friends are showing on the right. If the user is a male, female friends are preferred first. If the user is a female, male friends are preferred. You can swipe the mouse or drag the scroll bar to the right to see more information. When the mouse is staying on somebody’s photo, a like and a send direct message button will appear, click on it and you can give somebody a like or you can send him/her a direct message.

3.2 Filter on Encounter page

Click the Filter button to open the filter criteria, and users can filter out a more accurate list of friends by country, gender, language, and advanced options.

Click the Filter button to open the filter criteria, and users can filter out a more accurate list of friends by country, gender, language, and advanced options.

IV. Feeds

4.1 Feeds Square

Click on Feeds to enter the Feeds Square. The Feeds Square is a list of dynamic information published by all GaGaHi users. You can browse more by sliding the mouse wheel. Each dynamic information displays the publisher's photo and nickname, dynamic content and release time. Below every feed there is a like, comment and translation button (the translation button only appears when the content contains text, and can only not be translated when only images are available), users can like or comment on a feed. Like it, and this one will add one more like, same thing applies to comment.

“What do you want to share?” in the upper left corner is a quick entrance to a feed, users can quickly post their own dynamic information here. Dynamic content can include text, images, and emoticons, and text information must not exceed 500 characters.

When the mouse passes a certain feed, a report button will appear in the upper right corner. If someone has published violation information, you can click this button to report it to GaGaHi.

Click on a feed and a details window will pop up, where you can also like, comment, translate, comment each other and report.

4.2 Friends

Click Feeds to switch to the Friends. Here is a dynamic list posted by people who have become your friends. You can also like, comment and translate every feed. This page is empty if the new user does not have a friend yet.

4.3 Recommendation

Click on Feeds to switch to the Recommendation page. Feeds of users with higher activity, more likes or more comments are posted here. Here you can also post a fast feed, give somebody a like, comment or translate.

V. Mall

Enter GaGaHi homepage, click Mall, enter the mall page, and users can see a list with all the gifts, displaying the image, name, current price, original price of the gift. Users can select them with categories and once they are done, they can click the gift image to enter the gift detailed information page where they can click Buy now or send the gift to friends or themselves. After filling in the corresponding information, click the payment button to complete the payment process and complete the gift purchase.

Click the My Order link to go to the My Orders page where all orders are displayed in a list. Users can also search for purchased order information by searching.

VI. Explore

Enter the GaGaHi homepage, click explore to enter the explore page, where columns of Entertainment, Emotion, Film, Funny, Game, Science and Technology are listed as default recommendation list. Each list will show pictures, main heading, subheading, numbers of people reading and time of publishing. And then click to Explore details.

The page of Explore details are showing all texts and pictures of the content. The subtitle and the first paragraph of the text are the target language of the users. The main title and the remaining content are the source language. The users can translate the text into the target language to read.

At the end of the text, you can like, comment, reward, and translate the article. You can also share it with other friends outside the site.

Click on My Explore to go to My Explore page where all the texts I have translated are shown here.

VII. Direct Message

Go to the GaGaHi homepage and click on the direct message on the left to enter the direct message page. Here is a list of all received direct messages. You can apply to add those who have sent me direct messages friends, reply to direct messages, send gifts, send red envelopes, send pictures, post messages, and view chat history.

On the left is a list of all the friends who have sent me direct messages. All and online can be selected, all means all direct message list, and online is direct message list of online users. If there are too many direct message lists, you can search quickly by searching for contacts.

Each private message content has a translation button corresponding to it, and clicking the translation button allows you to select translations in eight languages. When the user sends or replies to the private message, he can also translate it under the input box, select the language to translate directly into the other party's language, and then send it.

One-click contact to 50 people of the opposite sex, only available to members. Click this button to pop up the paying pop-up window, you can choose to send the content, click the send button, the system will randomly send to 50 heterosexual friends, and send 5 gold coins at a time. Female users are not limited to the number of articles received, male users can only receive a maximum of 6 per day.

The picture sent by the private message is a fuzzy picture, and the recipient must pay to view the HD. The charging standard is based on the website.

Private letter usage rules:

1. Male users can send 6 private messages free of charge per day. More than 6 cannot be sent, and members must be upgraded.

2. female users are not members, can not send private messages, must upgrade members

3. senior members: male or female, unlimited news, fuzzy map function can view 10 per day

4. VIP members: male or female, unlimited number of messages, fuzzy maps are not limited to view the number, 3500 translated characters per day, beyond the number of characters by 1 gold / 100 characters.

VIII. Fans

Go to the GaGaHi homepage, click on the fans on the left, and go to the fans page.

When there are no fans yet, this page is empty. You can click on the upgrade member to complete the member upgrade and improve your reputation to get more people's favorite.

If you have fans, but you are not member users, here shows how many people like you, but not the list of people you like, click to open the VIP membership service, upgrade to a member to view the fans list

If you have fans and are a member user, here is a list of fans, you can use the left and right arrows to switch fans, or directly click on the right picture to switch, or to like or dislike the people who like me. The list on the right can be turned up and down.

On top of every fan shows the nickname, country and age of the people who like me, as well as direct message, add friends and report.

IX. Following

Go to the GaGaHi homepage, click on the left side of Following, and enter the Following page.When you haven't no following yet, this page is empty, you can click to Go to encounter to jump to the Encounter page to add people I like.

When you have following, this page shows a list of following. The left and right arrows can switch people I like, or just click on the right avatar to switch, or you can unfollow the people I followed. The list on the right can be flipped up and down to show the number of people you like.On top of everyone I follow shows the nickname, country, age, gift, direct message, add friends and cancellation of the person I am following.

X. Friends

Go to the GaGaHi homepage, click on the friends on the left to enter the friends page.

When you have no friends yet, this page is empty, you can click someone who likes me, jump to the fans page, you can like people who like me, and become friends.

If you have people who like each other, but you are not a member user, here shows how many people you like like you, not a list of people you like.. Click to open the VIP membership service, upgrade to a member and view a list of people you like.

If there are people you like and also like you, and you are a member user, here will display a list of people you like, use the left and right arrows to switch the people who like each other, or directly click on the right avatar to switch. You can also unlike them. The list on the right can be turned up and down.

XI. Visitor

Go to the GaGaHi homepage and click on the visitor on the left to enter the visitor page. Here is a list of all my friends who have visited me, showing avatars, nicknames, and access times.

When there are no visitors, the list here is empty. Click to go to the interaction to jump to the encounter page to visit other people's homepage.

When there are visitors, a list of visitors is displayed here, showing total visitors and visitors today.

The order is, recently, closer and more. Click on the visitor avatar to go to the home page of others In the case of a large number of visitors, you can turn the page to view.

XII. Game

Go to the GaGaHi homepage and click on the game on the left to enter the game page. The game mode is hitting eggs. The user can get the corresponding gift through hitting eggs. Each time the egg is hit, it will consume 5 gold coins. The prizes are: VIP member, senior member, video coupon, virtual gift, etc.

XIII. Promote Yourself

Go to the GaGaHi homepage, there is a button to promote yourself on the left side, click to promote yourself, jump to promote yourself purchase page, users can buy senior members and VIP members to promote themselves, or you can purchase the promotion days separately. After the purchase is successful, you can See your avatar on the left side of the homepage.


Go to the GaGaHi homepage, the IM is on the right, click the small arrow next to IM to expand IM, click on the friend's avatar, open the IM chat box to chat, send pictures, send gifts, and so on.IM is grouped into recent chats, my friends and strangers. You can search for friends directly in the expanded IM.

IM chat box, the left side is the list of friends who are chatting, click to switch to the corresponding friend chat box.

Click on a friend's avatar to enter the friend's homepage. Click on the blue pen next to the nickname to comment on your friends.

Click the cross on the right to close the IM chat box. The small triangle next to the mouse can pop up the action of deleting friends, reporting and blocking.

Chat can be translated or not translated. If you translate, you can directly deduct your own gold coins and translate them into a language of choice. That is, the text sent is the original + translation. If you don't translate, just send the original text.

The picture sent by the private message is a fuzzy picture, and the recipient must pay to view the high-definition picture. The charging standard is based on the website.

IM usage rules:

Male non-members can send 6 messages per day for free, more than 6 can't be sent, must upgrade members.

Female non-members, can not send messages, must upgrade members

Senior members, male or female, can send unlimited messages, can view 10 blurred pictures per day.

VIP members, male or female, can send unlimited messages, and unlimited blurred pictures.

XV. Recharge

GaGaHi provides users with gold coin services, and users can purchase and use gold coins on this website. Gold coins have no time limit. Gold coins are non-refundable. Gold coins have no monetary value and may not be bought or sold privately.

Click on the gold coin icon on the left side of the website, or click the recharge button at the top of the website to enter the recharge page. The default is 20, 50, 100, 200, 500, 1000 and other amounts. The denomination of gold coins is one dollar/gold coin. The right side shows the range of use of gold coins. Select the corresponding gold coin recharge amount, select a payment method, click the immediate recharge button, jump to the third-party payment platform, and complete the payment according to the process to complete the recharge.

Users can switch the recharge record, check their recharge and consumption records, click on help, and check the gold coin related help information.

XVI. Upgrade

GaGaHi provides member services to users, and users can click to enter the upgrade member page by clicking the upgrade button at the top of the website. Members are divided into VIP members and senior members. Each member has corresponding member privileges. Click see more benefits to expand all information. VIP members have higher privileges and specific information can be compared in the privilege description page.

Go to the Upgrade Member page and select a member. Each member has four options: one month, three months, six months, and twelve months. Select one, slide the mouse to the bottom, select a payment method, click the Upgrade Now button, jump to the third-party payment platform, and complete the payment operation according to the process.

XVII. Character Package

Click the recharge button to switch to the character package page, and the user can purchase the character package for translation. This page provides character packages such as 2000, 5000, 10000, 20000, and 30000. Select the character package to be purchased, click Purchase Now, jump to the Purchase Now page, complete the payment according to the payment process, and complete the purchase of the character package.

XVIII. Coupon

Go to the GaGaHi homepage, click the recharge button, switch to the coupon page, and all the coupons you have received are displayed here. Click on the usage rule to switch to the usage rules page to check the rules for using the coupon.

XIX. Personal Home Page

Go to the GaGaHi home page and click on the profile picture in the upper left corner to enter the personal home page. The personal home page shows your avatar, nickname, gender, age, and GaGa ID. Click on the blue pen behind the nickname to jump to the personal information page and fill in your details on the personal information page.

The photo display column is used to display your own photos so that more people can remember you.

Male users: unlimited upload.

Female users: Ordinary users cannot upload photos and must upgrade members.

Upload process: Click the blue icon and a window will pop up for uploading pictures, click the select picture button, select your own photo according to the prompt (multiple choice), and then click the one click upload button to complete the photo uploading.

The mouse passes the more button in the upper right corner to delete the pictures that have been uploaded successfully and cancel the display of the home page. The user can choose it by themselves.

Click the expand button in the upper right corner to open my photo list. After scrolling through a photo, you can see the upload date and delete button. Click Delete and it will ask you whether you really want to delete it. Click OK to delete the photo.

Click the bulk management button to batch process your photos.

The first one is a feed module that can input text, expressions, and images. Click the Send button to successfully post a dynamic message.

The second one is the received gifts module. If no gift is received, it is empty here. When there is a gift, the thumbnail of the gift is displayed here. At the same time, there is an expand button in the upper right corner. Click to jump to the gift list page.

The third one is my friends module. When there is no friend, it is empty. When there are friends, the friend's avatar and nickname are displayed here. In the upper right corner, there is an expand button. Click to jump to the friend list page.

The following picture shows the expanded gift list page when there is a gift. It shows the person giving the gift, the name of the gift and the time of the gift.

Gifts from friends can be returned and deleted.

Gifts donated by the system can be transferred to friends and deleted, and the system will give gifts that are generally obtained during the event.

The following picture shows the expanded page of the friends list, showing the avatar, nickname and country of the friend. The mouse passes through the friend’s avatar, which can be used to comment and delete the friend. Click to jump to the home page of others.

Personal dynamic list: When the mouse passes through dynamic, an X will appear in the upper right corner. Click to delete the dynamic, showing the user's avatar, nickname, posting content and posting time, how many people like it, how many people comment and comment content.

XX.Account Settings

Enter the GaGaHi homepage, click the small icon Setting in the right upper corner, and select Account Settings in the drop-down box and enter the Account Settings page.

The settings are divided into six categories: your personal information, your account number, credit card management, verification, privacy and notifications. To enter the edit stat of each category, you can click the blue pen point, and the modification can be saved by clicking Save.

Your personal information: In the edit state, you can fill in the photo, nickname, age, vocation and other information. The more you have completed the information, the higher the chance of being recognized. After editing, please click Save.

Your account: In the edit state, it will display the gold, membership, translation package character and password change. Gold coins and member upgrades can be directly used to recharge and upgrade page jumps through the button, save the completion point to save, and cancel without modification.

Credit card management: In the edit state, you can add a new credit card. Click to add a new credit card, a window to add credit information will pop out, there are three alternatives: Master, VISA and JCB, follow the process to fill out the perfect credit card information, click Save, do not add can cancel or close the pop-up window.

Verification: In the edit state, you can modify your own authentication email. After completing the email, you need to send an email to complete the email verification process.

Privacy: In the edit state, you can modify the privacy privilege of your profile and friend application, and click Save to complete the modification.

Notification: In the edit state, you can modify various notification messages sent by the website to users, including when someone likes you, has visitors, receives gifts and email notifications.

XXI. Red Packet

Users can send red packets to friends or receive red packets from friends through IM and direct messages.

Red packet process: Click the red packet icon below the chat box, the red packet window will pop up, enter the amount of gold coins (integer of 1-500), input the message content (you can leave it empty), click the send red packet button, you can successfully send out red packet. When the available gold coins in the account are insufficient, you cannot send the red packet. You can click the go to recharge and send it after recharging. When the red packet is sent by the user and the other party has not received it for more than 72 hours, it will be automatically returned.

The process of receiving the red packet: In the IM and direct messages, you can receive the red packet sent by the friend. The style of the red packet is as follows. Click the red packet and the collection button to receive the red packet successfully, and the red packet will be deposited into the personal account balance.

XXII. Gift

Users can send gifts to their friends or receive gifts from friends through IM, private messages and other people's homepages.

Click the Send Gift button, a send gift window will pop up, all the gift pictures and corresponding prices will be displayed in the pop-up window, select the gift, click Yes to send a gift to the other party.

When you want to send a gift, if the gold coin is insufficient, you will be prompted that the balance of the gold coin is insufficient to recharge, click the button to recharge, jump to the recharge page, complete the recharge, and send the gift.

The gifts you receive are all stored in the gift list. Click on the My Gifts list on your homepage to see all the gifts you have received. Gifts given by friends, you can rebate and delete, gifts presented by the system, can be transferred and deleted.

XXIII.Sign out

At the top of the GaGaHi website, use your mouse to go through the settings icon, select Exit in the drop down box, and then click Exit to successfully sign out.